I just edited my friendslist. I basically threw off anyone who didn't have me added and I wasn't particularly interested to keep watching. 8Ð I can understand people being bothered by loads and loads of random friendliness, but seesh. People who delete me off their FL because I don't comment regularly can just.. leave my space of the internet. XD I hardly ever lock any of my journal, and I even more rarely post anything personal, so I can't say I have any understanding of the whole secrecy bit.. So, there you have it! HOH.

Oh, and I sent my doll to Bobobie to have her casted yesterday. *dances the dance of stressed dead whilst gleeful* DX

Annual Doll musings? My pitch!

Sooo, 2008, a funny year in the dolly business for me. I went from one to two, and I mean that in a way that there were quite a few in between!

I've completely revamped my collection once (meaning I sold ALL my kids, to replace them), and I did it halfway again this year. I finally received Beretta, my long awaited U-noa Sist just before the end of 2007 to join my then owned BC LSG Kumi girl. The latter I then sold, and on top of that I've owned and sold 4 dolls in the meantime. My last purchase was a B-el boy which hasn't seen a lot of attention on here, I haven't really been photographing my pair as much as I should.

My collection currently consists of;
Beretta - U-noa Sist
Mort - U-noa B-el
Zeda - U-noa Lusis (faceplate only)
Alka - U-noa L-bi girl, modified (faceplate only)

My dolly wantlist consists mainly of bodies for my plates and a Narae girl. I've also been looking at those Rosette school dolls, the new sub-company of Soom - I'm going to wait for owner/comparison pics, though. I'm mostly worrying about how I'll manage to swim against the exchange rates of this year. *cough* My online bank even refuses to change currencies, so I don't see how I'll be paying for anything for a while yet.. :Þ

Of course, my prime dolly want for this year is to get my chubby girl into production, YEAH. It is quite overwhelming, while still exciting to think that within a few months I might actually have 50 dolls in my house to customize and send to new owners, arg! XD

Anywho, I'm concluding this post with an introductory of my new-years' girl (headplate), Zeda. She's pretty cute, I think. :3


Some more sculpting WIP

First of all I would like to wish you all a happy set of holidays! I hope the present harvest was rich and that much delectables and perishables were consumed <3

And now on to the juicier matters!

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Phew, I haven't attempted any sort of stringing to test the tension etc, but I have been trying to get in contact with Dennis of Bobobie, to see if they're interested in taking casting-commissions. Maybe by early next spring I will have my golden eyed, light tan beaut at home! (alongside dozens of others to be sent to new owners, hopefully!)



I'm going to be commissioned! XD For the first time ever! That is all.

Girl bits under the cut!
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*glee with glee on top*



So, you want to know what's going on inside my head, huh?

First of all, I've been drawing. I don't have easy access to a scanner anymore, so here are some horrible nighttime photographs with the contrast blown all to heck, and what have you, to demonstrate. :Ð

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So, this is on the inside (and sometimes on the point of a pencil, when I can get my ideas onto paper)

I tossed my idea of becoming a commissionable customizer out the window, it's kind of difficult considering my location and about-average talent. I might have been able to get away with it a couple of years ago, but now there is such a LOT of competition, and such a LOT of SUPERTALENTED face-up artists that completely blow me out of the water, so I don't know. I'll either stop being a messy blusher hog, and start actually practising at doing face-ups perfectly, instead of just painting until I'm "meh" happy myself, or just keep on painting only my own and friends' dolls.

The most recent example is Alka;


She's had four face-ups in a very short while. I'm trying to improve it each time, and it's going up and down. :Þ But I'm happy with her. I can usually get the exact attitude I'm aiming for in each character. And the back-drop is an abstract painting by my Man. Impressive, isn't it! <3 (if anyone is interested, this is what my living room set-up looks like, after having very recently moved and not had a whole lot of time to unpack/decorate; )

I also repainted my B-el boy in view of his receiving a body shortly (finally!)
So, red hair, thick eyebrows, dagger-thin sideburns? I'll have a second helping please. *swoon*

Dollery aside, here's a pic of my restaurant.
Lystin Restaurant - downtown Reykjavík, Iceland
I took care of most of the interior design (and we did all of it ourselves with help from awesome friends). At the moment I'm waitressing, overseeing everything that needs to be on paper (menus, translations, printing, business cards etc etc), and being a nag. DX My man can be so passive that sometimes I need to be horrible to him in order for him to get the defence-mechanisms going. :Þ

Zagzagael's most recent posts have been a great food for much needed thought, I've been so completely isolated in this hobby in the last few years that I've more or less become a complete lurker. I love the fact that people with such a lot of differences can come together and admire beautiful things, but sometimes it can get quite toasty when emotions / big amounts of money come into play. I would love to make more friends in the hobby, but something keeps me scared and on edge when it comes to human contact through the internet. I don't know if it's a general sense of distrust, or just disliking contact without actually looking someone in the eye? I also have problems with speaking to people on the phone.. Maybe it's just me?

Common guys! I'd love to blend in some more, what should we do? Swaps, lengthy *peaceful* discussions, pats on the back? Suggestions?

Frightfully un-doll-related..

But here we go, anyway.


My country is in the shit. Our banks dug a hole, and then dragged the whole nation into it. I'm not a 100% on the particulars, but it's mostly because of overfinancing and overspending which has blown terribly out of proportion.

And UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown decided to use a terrorist legislation against the whole nation, because of some made up charge that we were not going to honour our debts. So, we are in the shit, regardless of what we were or weren't going to do. All assets of icelandic companies were frozen, and most imports have been stalled, if not stopped completely. It's a very dangerous things to have happen in a country that relies on import for about 50% of all neccessities..

I've been reading articles in the paper/online about how icelandic people abroad are being treated less than respectfully because of their nationality, and while we can try our best at shrugging this crisis off here at home, it really hurts to read about how unforgiving the world can be. We're all hurting because of this, and while the condition of the icelandic economics has certainly influenced a lot of people in Scandinavia and the UK badly, I think that it's us, the icelanders, that are coming out of this in the worst way. A lot of people have lost their life savings, many loans have inflated by upto 80% (especially house- and car loans, taken by young people that were just getting started), we're looking at a bout of unemployment, and basically jumping about 20 years back in time in regards to availability of produce, medicine etc.

We're not sure on who exactly is responsible. Some fingers point to the government, some fingers point to a selective group of icelanders (wealthy, influential idiots), some point to the icelandic nation itself, and some go as far as pointing sharply abroad - and it's difficult to know what to believe.

I'm young, and thankfully don't own anything which could be lost, but I am a mother, and I'm terribly worried about how this will affect the future of my boy.

And this is also the reason I've been so out of the dollery. My doll is the only thing I that can make me forget, but it hurts to play when shopping online has been eradicated, as the ISK currency has decreased by almost 40% (and is still deemed completely worthless in banks all over the world). I have money, but I can't spend it.

Life is bleak at the moment, but it'll hopefully pass. I just don't know how many months I'll have to be sufficient eating noodle soup at a terribly inflated price..